My 10 Favourite Skincare Products to Help You With Winter Face


Hands up if your skin gets extra dry during winter…add the fact we are indoors way more (thanks to lockdown) and if you’re like me, who likes to be cosy with the central heating blasting you’ll probably have winter face. Yeah ok, I’ve made the term up, but you know exactly what I mean.

It’s all good though, if you treat yourself to some decent moisturising skincare you should see a big improvement in your skin texture. Here are some of my favourite products to use during winter.

1) Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual – As Charlotte calls ‘A spa in a jar’ and it really is. The smell is so dreamy, exactly the smell you get when you have a facial or massage. It’s a cleansing duo, so you firstly apply the cleansing oil all over your face and remove with a muslin cloth, that’s included with the products. This is great for removing your makeup and your skin instantly feels really nourished. Next, you follow with the charcoal cleanse, which helps draw out any impurities. I like this step as your skin feels so deeply cleansed after and I feel that it helps to remove dead skin too. Your skin feels so nice after, hydrated and glowy.

2) Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic – Use this after you’ve cleansed your skin by applying onto a cotton pad. This helps your skin prepare for the next steps – serums, moisturisers etc. It has cucumber, chamomile, licorice, aloe leaf and lavender in it which makes it so soothing on your skin.

3) Beauty Pie Super Retinol Serum – Is great, it’s not only packed with retinol but also formulated with hyaluronic acid meaning it’s really hydrating for your skin. If you’re a member of Beauty Pie, you’ll get it for £13.20 rather than the RRP which is £80 for this product! You won’t find another serum of this quality on the market.

4) I’m also a fan of the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum during winter as it’s got a really milky texture and is specifically formulated for dry skin, so your skin feels really nicely hydrated immediately after applying it.

5) Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm SPF 25 – Another spa smelling product. This is one of the best luxury feeling moisturisers in my opinion. It not only smells bloomin gorgeous, but also so rich and thick. You’ll be a fan if you have dry skin, but not so much if you are prone to breakouts and prefer a lighter weight product. I love the fact it has SPF 25 in it too.

6) I’m using the Beauty Pie Super Healthy Ultimate Anti-Ageing Skin moisturiser at the mo. Another gorgeous product by them. This is an anti-ageing cream that is filled with Hyaluronic Acids, antioxidants, pollution blockers & moisture ingredients to help plump up the skin and it does just that. It’s a fairly thick product, but not heavy at all. After using it a few weeks I noticed a difference in my skin. This product is cruelty-free and vegan too which is a winner.

7) Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil – Oooof this product is the dream if your skin is in need of a bit of extra moisture. I use this whenever my skin starts to feel a bit tight. Any skin type can use this product. You only need a teeny amount and it sinks into the skin so beautifully. You can use morning or night. I tend to use in the evening because of wearing makeup in the day.

8) I am sooo pale during winter. Not saying there is anything wrong with being pale, it’s just that at the moment I am wearing less makeup, my hair is chucked back and I’m wearing some questionable casual clothes. So, to give myself a little boost I add a bit of my St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse to my moisturiser and voila I’m sun-kissed skin in an hour.

9) Beauty Pie Super Retinol Night Renewal Moisturiser – Lightweight but extremely hydrating. The reason it’s my favourite night cream is because of the retinol percentage and the value for money. Retinol is THE ONE when it comes to helping reduce the appearance of fine lines. Check out the Beauty Pie blog for more info on the Benefits of Retinol.

10) Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask – A lovely treatment to do once or twice a week. The gorgeous oils and vitamin C in this product help your skin to feel super soft, plus it tightens up the pores. Put the mask on, jump in the bath & listen to your favourite chill-out tunes and you’ll be in the dreamiest relaxed state after.

I hope this has been helpful to you my lovelies, maybe you can get yourselves some skincare bargains with Black Friday looming.

If you have any questions, please comment below. x