When I book a trial appointment in with my brides, I’ll ask them to start gathering inspo of the wedding makeup looks they like. I always suggest that they look for images of women that are of a similar colouring. This will give them a better idea of how the makeup will look. Bear in mind skin colour, eye colour and hair colour.

I know it can be overwhelming scrolling through numerous makeup looks on Insta and Pinterest, so I thought I’d share 10 different wedding makeup ideas with you. When you have a rough idea of the style of makeup you are after, you can narrow your search down. You’ll then find it much easier to find your inspo images.

For example, rather than searching ‘wedding makeup’ refine it to the style of makeup you like – ‘glowy makeup’, ‘bronze makeup’ ‘bold lip makeup looks’. You get the gist?

HOLLYWOOD GLAM MAKEUP – Suits wedding dresses that have embellishments on – sequins, pearls, dresses that sparkle.

GLOWY MAKEUP – Looks great on boho brides or brides that have floaty dresses.

BRONZE MAKEUP – Bronze/copper eye makeup looks AMAZING on blue eyes, it really makes then pop. I would generally do a full bronze makeup look on someone who has a golden complexion.

BRIGHT LIP MAKEUP – If you’re a bright lipstick lover, I say go for it on your wedding day. It’s ‘you’ at the end of the day. Don’t feel like you have to go natural, just because it’s your wedding day.

CLASSIC NATURAL MAKEUP- For you if you like to keep it simple and pretty.

WINGED LINER MAKEUP – For you rock chick lovers or anyone who likes a more dramatic look.

GLAMOROUS MAKEUP – Think full smokey eye, strong brows and face contouring. Paired with a glam wedding dress you’ll look red carpet ready.

BROWN SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP – A popular choice with brides. You can opt for a soft and natural look or go for a dark and more dramatic effect.

MAUVE EYE MAKEUP – Is so pretty on green eyes, it will really intensify them. I generally pair mauve eyes with a nude lip.

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GREY SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP – For you if you like a dramatic eye and want to have your eyes as the main focus. Would be a great winter look. Works better on larger eyes, as dark colours on smaller eyes will make them appear smaller.

If you’d like to know what eye shadow colours would suit you, go check out my makeup guide and if you’re planning a wedding and would like to know the services I offer, click here. So excited to hear from you! x