How can I help reduce my wedding day nerves?


It’s your wedding day, everything has been planned, you have your besties with you & you’re about to marry your man. Exciting right? But also, bloody nerve-racking. There’s been months or years of planning, all eyes will be on you, fears of walking down the aisle, fears of saying your vows & fears of falling over in your dress……not to mention all the stress of trying to organise a wedding during a global pandemic!!!

These are all common fears to have and of course completely understandable.

I’ve been so lucky to be part of many brides’ big days, so I thought I’d share my top tips to help keep you calm on your wedding morning;

1. Avoid alcohol the evening before – SORRY, I know this may sound boring but even just one drink can interrupt your sleep cycle & make you feel more anxious in the morning  

2. Start your morning with some breath work – By following some simple breathing exercises you’ll be able to calm down your nervous system. I’ve been doing daily breathwork with Breathpod throughout lockdown and it’s been my little saviour. Check out their ‘Back to basics’ IGTV series on Insta for the low down @Breathpod

3. Get out in nature – Whether it be a walk or a jog in the park, getting out in nature lowers stress hormone levels & the exercise will get your endorphins going 

4. Create a playlist (or get one of your bridesmaids to do one for ya) Listening to your favourite music is such a great way to switch up your mood. I’d recommend having some calming tunes ready to play for when you have your hair and makeup done, as this is likely be when you’ll feel most nervous 

5. Consider having a separate room for getting your hair and makeup done – If you have a larger bridal party & the thought of lots of commotion stresses you out, consider having a separate room for getting your hair and makeup done. That way you can take yourself off & have some quiet ‘me time’

6. Have an itinerary for the morning – Your hairstylist & makeup artist will pull one together for the styling element. I also recommend having timings set out for things like breakfast/lunch. It’s surprising how quick the morning goes and the last thing you want to be doing is eating whilst having your makeup done

7. Avoid too much caffeine – Caffeine is a stimulant, which may cause your heart to beat faster and if you are already feeling anxious, this is a recipe for disaster. Instead try a herbal tea, such as the Pukka Relax one or peppermint, yum!

8. I’ve been recommending Rescue Remedy for years – It’s a natural remedy, that you can take when you’re feeling anxious/nervous to help calm you.  You just add a couple of drops to your tongue or to a drink

By the way, i’d like to add that SO many of my brides have said ‘the getting ready bit’ was one of their favourite parts of the day. So if you’re reading this and you’ve got a wedding coming up, I am super excited for you.

Lots of love

Nicola x

Photography by Stephanie Green