10 Tips To Help You Get The Best Wedding Hair


You’ve booked your venue, selected your photographer and picked your dress. It’s now time to think about how you’re going to wear your hair. I’ve worked in the wedding industry for about 10 years now, so it’s fair to say I’ve gathered a lot of insight along the way. Here are my top 10 tips to help you get the BEST wedding hair;    

1. PICK YOUR DRESS FIRST – Before deciding on your wedding hair, you’ll want to have chosen your wedding dress. There are several reasons for this; If it’s got a really detailed back, you’ll want to show it off, therefore an updo would be recommended, unless you have short hair of course. I’d suggest choosing a hairstyle that’s the same kind of style as your dress. For example, a floaty, lace number from somewhere like Grace Loves Lace would suit an undone updo or half-up style with loose waves, rather than a neat, structured bun or ponytail.

2. GATHER INSPO – Create a mood board of hairstyles you like on Pinterest or Powerpoint. Instagram is great for inspo too and you can use the save feature to store the images. It’s worth keeping them all in one place, so it’s easy to show your hairstylist ahead of your trial. When you are looking for inspo, ideally select styles that have similar hair to you. A textured, messy blonde hairstyle would look very different on someone that has black hair for example. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t have that style, just bear that in mind. Also, us hairstylist love a bit of freestyling and I am sure you’d like to have something unique to you, so keep the images as inspo rather than wanting an exact replica.

3. ADDING SOME COLOUR MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA – Consider treating yourself to some highlights or balayage before the big day. This works wonders if your hair is super soft and doesn’t hold a wave for very long or if you are after a textured updo. Having multi tones in your hair helps to give it more dimension. Just make sure you don’t leave this to the last minute to get it done. I’d recommend getting it done 12 weeks before the wedding day at least, to ensure you like it first. You can then go back the week before the wedding for the top-up. I recommend these London hairdressers – Colour Box, Samantha Cusick or Blue Tit. I’ve had my hair coloured at all of those salons and been very happy with the results.

Best Wedding Hair

4. UP OR DOWN DO? – Ask yourself this, which way makes you feel more confident? How would you wear your hair for an event or evening out? Do you prefer your hair off your face? Do you fiddle with your hair?  Then consider where and when you are getting married. If you are getting married in a hot country in the summer you might want to consider an updo. I did a wedding in the South of France last year, during a heatwave. It was over 40 degrees and there was zero aircon. The bride had a half updo and had A LOT of hair, but she wasn’t fussed about melting a bit and some frizz. In fact, there were zero fucks given. I loved that about her but how would you feel? bearing in mind the number of pics that are going to be taken that day.

5. HAIR EXTENSIONS – If you have fine hair I’d highly recommend that you wear some hair extensions on the day. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look like a footballer’s wife with them in. With the right type of extensions and applied correctly no one would ever know. These can be clip-ins or temporarily glued in for the day.

6. WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT? Like your hair down but want something a bit different? It is your wedding day after all. Hair accessories are a great solution for this. There are SO many pretty ones out there & you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on them. Anthropologie do some lovely ones, also check out Lilley Studio, Eden b.Studio & Tilly Thomas Lux for some really cool ones.  

Best Wedding Hair
Headpiece Eden b. Studio

7. INDECISIVE KINDA GAL – Are you a bit indecisive in general? If this is you, book your wedding hair trial in ASAP, I’d say 12 months in advance. This then gives you enough time to have several trials if needed.

8. DON’T GET TOO MANY OPINIONS – Your wedding is a hugely important day, therefore you’re going to get A LOT of suggestions from friends that have got married, your mum, your mother in law etc. Whilst it’s always helpful to get recommendations, stay true to you. I’d recommend getting advice from someone close with you and who has the same kinda style to you too.

9. BE UPFRONT – I know we’re not all the same and some people are more forthright than others but in the instance of the trial, the more direct you are the better. If you don’t like something it’s cool, just let your hairstylist know, they won’t be offended. We can then make the tweaks there and then. Which brings me on to my final point….

10. CAREFULLY SELECT YOUR HAIRSTYLIST – If you know the kind of vibe you are going for be sure to select a hairstylist whose portfolio matches that. It may sound obvious, but I’ve had clients come to me who have had disasters, where they’ve initially based their selection on someone local to their wedding venue, especially destination weddings. If your gut is telling you ‘They’re not my vibe’, they probably aren’t’. Many wedding hair stylists travel all over for their client’s weddings.

I hope you’ve found this helpful lovely. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below or contact me here and we can arrange a call to chat some more.