10 Things I Love About Micro Weddings


This month I have been super lucky to part of seven gorgeous micro weddings.  Not one of them (thanks to the beloved ‘C’) was the wedding they had originally planned. In fact, three of them weren’t even going to be in this country.

One thing all of them ended up having in common was how incredibly special they all were. Here’s what I have learnt along the way and what I’ve been loving about micro weddings.

  1. A fair few of my couples decided to continue with their original wedding date and postpone their larger celebration/party to 2021. The nice thing you have here is double the celebration. I am sure you’ve all heard how quickly your wedding day goes! This way you get to celebrate twice.
  2. The most common part that my brides get nervous about is, walking down the aisle. The smaller the wedding the less intimidating that part is.
  3. I have heard on several occasions that the reduction in numbers has actually been a blessing. Some couples mentioned that they didn’t want a big wedding in the first place, but in the original plans, they didn’t want to offend anyone.
  4. Reduced wedding size means more budget to spend on that dream photographer you’ve been eyeing up, or your idyllic honeymoon. Perhaps you can then book a luxury suite the night before the big day/evening of. Many of my brides in recently have gone all out on their accessories too (why the hell not).
  5. When you have a small number of guests, you get to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest all day and evening (well until the 10pm curfew anyway).
  6. The smaller the wedding the easier to personalise your day it is. I’ve seen some stunning table settings and room decor. You could even write each guest a unique note, for the dinner table. Depending on the venue you book, guests may be allowed to make their own decision for their meal. That would be a winner in my eyes. You can get all creative with some fancy canapes and cocktails (whatever is a personal favourite to you).
  7. Obviously, travel is a bit tricky right now, perhaps you are unable to get to your dream destination. Mini moons are a great option for this, places like Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, The Fish Hotel in the Cotswolds or The Pig in Devon would be lush for you and your other half to spend for a few days. Then you can book your trip of a lifetime when the timing is right.
  8. When you have fewer numbers at your wedding you have more time to go off with your photographer and get some really interesting photographs and make the most of pretty/cool backdrops.
  9. The smaller the wedding, the less faff with things like the table plan, chasing people for their RSVP’s, food allergies etc.
  10. If you do book a swanky hotel room for the evening of your wedding, you won’t mind the 10pm curfew as much, because you’ll get to spend more time in there with your husband (yes, I said husband…whoop whoop) and make the most of room service. You may even remember the evening of your wedding night. Imagine that!!!!

Micro weddings may or may not be appealing to you, either way that’s absolutely fine. Do whatever is right for you, follow your gut (it’s always right) and remember that LOVE WINS no matter what.

If you have booked your wedding and would like me to get you ready on your special day, please get in touch.

In the meantime, I’m sending you HUGE hugs xx

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