1) You decide on how dramatic you'd like your lashes to look.

2) Your lashes will be pulled back onto a curved silicone shield where a lifting and setting cream will be applied.

3) Once the lashes have been nicely lifted your lashes will be tinted. You can choose how dark you would like to go.

5) To finish, a growth and conditioning serum will be applied.

The full treatment takes about an hour.


LVL Lash Lift and Tint - £60

All new clients will be required to have a patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment. The patch test is £2 and will be posted to you.

To book an appointment please email


Emma B

Nicola did my LVL lashes around 3 weeks ago now and I am so impressed! The effect they have given my eyes and face as a result is incredible, I haven’t had to wear mascara for weeks (unless I’m going out and then just a tiny bit is enough and my lashes look even better with makeup on too!)

To not have to wear eye makeup in the day though is a real plus point for me, as it already looks like you are wearing mascara, massive time saving plus point!

My lashes are looking just as full, lifted & amazing 3 weeks in as they were on the day of having them done.

Nic was really gentle, professional & talked me through each step of the process. Would highly recommend Nicola & this service!



Emma M

It was such a pleasure having my lashes done by Nicola, I've never had LVL done before and she made me feel so comfortable and calm. The results are amazing and I can't wait to get it done again!


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does LVL Lash Lift & Tint last?


LVL Lashes last 6-8 weeks. Lash tint up to 4 weeks.


Can I wear mascara with LVL Lashes?


Absolutely, just not for the first 24 hours.


What aftercare do I need to consider after having this treatment?


For the first 24 hours after the treatment, you should avoid washing your face, steam baths, saunas and wearing mascara.


Do I need to have a patch test?


Yes, if you are a new client. The patch test is £2 and will be posted to you.

If you have a reaction you will be unable to have the treatment.